Unlock the true power of global networks

The tools and connectivity to compete on a level playing field with multinational forwarders are available to independents with WIN Job Orders.

WIN Job Orders connects agents to each other allowing your systems to exchange shipment data, tracking milestones and documents securely for shared end-to-end visibility, greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Regardless of which system you use, one single system connection to WIN Job Orders lets you work with ALL your partners electronically!

  • Share air/sea shipment data, documents, and milestones electronically
  • Avoid error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry
  • Work online or easily integrate your system

WIN Job Orders can be used; (1) Embedded within your own operational software - Integrating your system typically takes less than 4 weeks! (2) On the WIN website where any agent can participate in shipment data exchange immediately!.

Click to see if your software has already integrated with WIN; if your software has already integrated you may start sharing shipment data with other agents!

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