Partner with WIN to access a growing network of independent forwarding agents, energize your product offerings with new connectivity solutions, increase customer satisfaction and create new revenue opportunities!

  • Powerfully enhance your product portfolio
  • Achieve new and maintain existing markets
  • Gain eligibility of participation in WCA events as attendees or exhibitors

WIN provides connectivity solutions for:

Agent Connectivity

Help your customers work more efficiently with automated shipment data exchange to agent partners regardless of which system they use.

  • Send and receive pre-alerts as data, eliminating rekeying information from emails
  • Share a full set of tracking milestones spanning origin, destination and carrier milestones for complete end-to-end visibility - automatically loaded into each agent’s operational system
  • Securely exchange attached documents

Airline Connectivity

Securely connect to 90+ airlines for e-booking, e-AWBs and AWB tracking with one simple connection to WIN’s web services. Make your product a gateway for your users to participate in e-freight and enjoy big savings from carriers, work with greater speed, accuracy and go fully paperless with full IATA e-AWB support.

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"The integration with the Worldwide Information Network (WIN) upholds the quality standards we have set for our integration partners. During the implementation WIN has proven to be a reliable partner we can recommend to our customers.” - Koen Meyskens, Senior Project Manager, Stream Software, Belgium

"WIN enables us to maintain and support a single message gateway to 90 airlines, instead of 90 different gateways. Their Web Service Platform is an instant message delivery method and a lot less resource-intensive. We are a technology-driven company that continuously develops and implements new features into all our systems.” - Marius van Jaarsveld, Director, Identification Verification Systems, South Africa

"By integrating with WIN, our Logi-Sys customers do not have to rely on any third party organisations to convert Air Waybill information into electronic format, they are saving time, money, and they are in control of their data.” - Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD), Softlink Global, India

"As these tracking details are automatically loaded into the system, and push as the mobile notification to the application's users, users have the capability to plan and provide precise information about their shipments. Users can also concentrate on moving cargo and working with customers, not on surfing carrier websites for statuses.” - Mandy Mak, Director, Paradigm Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

"The single porthole offered by WIN for filing e-AWB has allowed QuestaWeb a simple low cost solution to a complex problem. Now, rather than linking to each airline individually, users of QuestaWeb's Export Freight Forwarding and Exporter applications are able to link to a spectrum of air carriers. Efficiency and transparency have been gained through the ability to instantly communicate with the airlines and process a myriad of responses as QuestaWeb publishable statuses." - Christopher Springer, Director, Questaweb, USA

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