Increase e-AWB Penetration!

WIN provides the ability for airlines to increase e-AWB penetration amongst a growing network of over 7000 independent agents! Because WIN Airfreight was created to make it is easy for independent forwarders to transmit electronic AWBs and bookings to airlines, WIN does not charge airlines anything to send and receive electronic messages (FWB 16/17 including e-CSD).

WIN provides full support of e-Pouch between origin and destination agents giving the opportunity for airlines to carry fewer documents.

With a proactive and knowledgeable team, WIN makes it easy for airlines to connect!

  • Increase e-AWB penetration amongst SME agents
  • No costs for airlines
  • Carry fewer documents
  • Get marketing and sales opportunities in a growing network of 6000 independent forwarding agents

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"As a high-tech carrier, we strongly encourage our agents to work with us electronically and are pleased to add WIN as a new channel for e-booking,” - James Gilliard, Acting Vice President – Cargo (Designate), Jet Airways, India

"British Airways likes the fact that they receive accurate and timely FWBs via WIN as early as possible. I wish to extend my thank you to Excel, WIN and BFS in making e–AWB go live so fast and furiously, increasing Thailand’s potential for e- AWB. We are ecstatic to find that we did the trials on the entire process and everything went by smoothly and turned to go live with it in only 2 weeks. I am more than happy to say that we, all in the cargo community, have gained great benefits from the e-weight slip and my goal this year is to eliminate the paper AWB.” - Ornuma Matayakun, Customer Service Manager, British Airways Cargo, Thailand

"It is nice to see solution providers collaborating to make the e-CSD and the e-AWB broadly accessible to agents of all sizes." - Fanie Schoeman, IT Manager, South African Airlines, South Africa

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