World Courier goes “e” on co-load shipments using WIN Airfreight

Co-loading in airfreight refers to the process in which a logistics service provider may use the air waybill stock and contract of another agent. But with the push for e-freight, co-loaders, just like master agents, are pushed to connect electronically to airlines.

Rachen Pandey, Senior Operations Executive of World Courier Asia said, “Before WIN, we were on manual processes where all data will be printed and submitted to the airline/terminal companies to key into their system. But now, we use WIN for sending FHL/FWB directly towards the airline system without having to go through the consolidator. WIN’s processes have helped us reduce incorrect data entered by either terminal company or the airline and is the correct measure taken towards full e-freight capabilities in the near future for Thailand.”

WIN makes this connectivity not only easy but affordable. Co-loaders using WIN can immediately connect to airlines using the WIN website or they can easily connect their current software to WIN, whether in-house or purchased and power it to connect to 160+ airlines. A co-loader maintains their very own account, independent from the master agents’ account.

Whether online or with their WIN integrated software, a co-loader may enjoy the following benefits; book and send AWBs electronically with 160+ airlines, track AWBs in their system, WIN web, email or mobile (free app download), work with greater speed and accuracy, streamline operations, provide end-to-end shipment visibility, better customer service, full e-CSD support, book and most importantly, profit from carrier fee reductions.

WIN’s technology has created effectual value for co-loaders today today to access the same big data, carrier fee savings and reap timesaving advantages just like their Master agents.

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