Transit Group does away with paper using the e-CSD

The CSD is endorsed by ICAO and adopted by a growing number of countries around the world, namely, Germany, Switzerland South Africa and soon, Canada.

As of 2013, in support of the transition period, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) agreed that freight forwarders, carriers and ground handling agents could implement the e-CSD in addition to the CSD paper layout.

The e-CSD enables a receiving party to determine whether a consignment has been originated from a trustworthy entity and that the required security controls has been successfully applied and whether the goods should be screened.

Transit Group, a South African owned company founded in 1999, saw the opportunity to fulfill paperless e-CSD achieving IATA’s e-Freight initiatives to replace paper documents by transmitting electronic messages.

Transit Group had selected IVS Systems, which has partnered with WIN, to take advantage of the one stop connectivity to 160 airlines using the latest web-service API technology, rather than build their own links using 40 year old technology.

“We began transmitting e-AWBs in December 2014, and it has been smooth sailing thanks to IVS’s dedication and enthusiasm,” said Handre Marais, Transit Group Chief Security Officer.

WIN enables us to maintain and support a single message gateway to 160 airlines, instead of 160 different gateways,’ said IVS’s Marius van Jaarsveld.

With strong collaborative efforts, it is shown that technology made easy, allows distinctive solution providers to collaborate in advancement of the entire airfreight industry.

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