Independent forwarder Transcargo Malaysia goes electronic

Catering to a worldwide market, Transcargo Malaysia was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur in 2006 as a freight forwarder with local expertise in freight and customs brokerage services. They’re mission is to maintain superior service with continuous developments of their human resources department and adoption of information technologies to streamline shipments.

“Our team has had no problem in handling shipments electronically as WIN Airfreight’s booking and AWB system is straightforward and has evidently increased our efficiency, reduced human errors and physical documentations.” explains Ong Chin Kian, Director, Transcargo Worldwide, Malaysia.

“We are looking forward to booking and transmitting AWB information electronically with more airlines using WIN.”

WIN provides the ability for airlines to increase e-AWB penetration. Because WIN Airfreight was created to make it is easy for independent forwarders to transmit electronic AWBs and bookings to airlines, WIN does not charge airlines anything to send and receive electronic messages (FWB 16/17 including e-CSD).

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