Mercury Freight gains an edge with WCA’s Etihad Rates Program and WIN

Etihad and WCA have equipped independent forwarders with a new way operate electronically with program rates that are instantly available on WIN for the entire Etihad network. WCA agents take advantage of streamlining shipment processes beginning from electronic bookings, AWB transactions to electronic tracking updates which flows automatically.

Mercury Freight, South Africa, have found that as WCA members, “we have a major advantage when quoting our clients as we benefit from the lower rates with Etihad and this has secured us some very good business. We also enjoy how the WIN program is easy to use and keeps us updated from the time of booking up to the delivery of the cargo. We receive constant updates in a clear email format that we can use to send to our clients to update them on the status of their shipments, says Liz Pereira, Mercury Freight.

“I enjoy the fact that I don’t need to call the airlines, especially over a weekend or after hours, when you cannot get hold of them, but I am able to update my client as WIN keeps me constantly updated.”

“Now WIN also has a mobile app which is great if our emails are down, which can happen many times here in SA, then I’m not left in the dark as I can check on the mobile app for updates. I highly recommend that all WCA agents take the time to register on WIN and use the many benefits it has to offer them.”

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