Your Own Branded Mobile App

Give more to gain more

Give customers a Mobile App containing powerful tools and avoid the investment and complexity of developing mobile apps

You get:

  • A powerful branded mobile app for your customers available on Android and iOS
  • Industry-scale features that aren’t available elsewhere
  • Comprehensive marketing materials for promotion
  • A low cost way to increase customer loyalty, retention and new clients

With your app, your customers can:

  • See a directory of your offices
  • Chat with designated contacts in your company
  • Send rate requests
  • View promotional messages from you via the mobile app
  • Get instant status updates through alerts on shipments shared

Why you need to get started?

Mobile apps is one of the fastest-growing industries in history and is the next frontier in freight forwarding. Establishing yourself as a mobile provider differentiates your company from competitors, increases customer retention and satisfaction while attracting new customers.

Reviewing and publishing a mobile app is costly and a hassle but with WIN’s Mobile App for your business, you can bypass the frustration knowing that we’ve got you covered


"Mobile apps can take more than a year and a half to develop; such a delay can be fatal in such a competitive environment and then of course there’s the expense. It took three weeks for WIN to get the first stage of the app running. This has provided us with a great promotional boost and are sales staff are keen for the second iteration, which will boost functionality." - - Peter Porse, Executive Vice President, ClearFreight, El Segundo, CA, USA

“It proved the right move. We launched it during the Sino International Freight Forwarders Conference and our clients have been pleased with its performance. We now have it running with 10 shippers and this will be rolled out further over the next coming months.” - Rob van Steensel, General Manager for VCK Logistics, The Netherlands

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