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WIN Quotes is a free online workflow tool that encourages complete, structured shipment inquiries, quotations and feedback of sales processes. Signup includes a free listing in an interactive WIN Agent Directory.

  • Gain new business opportunities
  • Stop chasing emails
  • Get complete information and feedback on inquiries and quotations

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"WIN Quotes helped us achieve new business, is easy to use and is different from email because it is more structured which helps because every country has different email standards and ways to request transports. It is possible that in a few years, WIN Quotes may replace email." - Christian Pahr, Muller + Partner GmbH International Logistics, Germany

"WIN helps us reach new markets and gain new business. It's easy to send RFQ and organize quotations." - S.Samsudeen, Overseas Coordinator of Gaerish Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, India

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