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  • “Efficient sample delivery in the biopharmaceutical industry is of utmost importance. The track-and-trace feature of the WIN connectivity platform offers real-time visibility, allowing our customers to efficiently monitor time critical cargo, and ensuring it arrives safely and on time to its destination.”
    - Daniel Tarditti, Managing Partner, Rush Cargo, Argentina
  • “We are both a handler and a forwarder, meaning we often had to input data into the system over and over again, which was a waste of time and resources. Since using the WIN interface, it has both simplified and sped up the process, resulting in savings in terms of costs and time, as well as allowing us to focus on other areas of the business.”
    - Jose Neder, Cargo Operations Manager, Caribetrans, S.A.S., Dominican Republic
  • “We took WIN as a standalone package in 2015, a fantastic product, providing efficiencies, money saving solutions and the ability to grow our business with other WIN users, integration to our operational software was the logical step. Both the WIN team and Streamliner made it a very smooth painless process for us, a great job on both sides.”
    - Mark Hall, Airfreight Director, Embassy Freight, United Kingdom
  • “We have a major advantage when quoting our clients as we benefit from the lower rates with Etihad and this has secured us some very good business. We also enjoy how the WIN program is easy to use and keeps us updated from the time of booking up to the delivery of the cargo. We receive constant updates in a clear email format that we can use to send to our clients to update them on the status of their shipments. I enjoy the fact that I don’t need to call the airlines, especially over a weekend or after hours, when you cannot get hold of them, but I am able to update my client as WIN keeps me constantly updated. Now WIN also has a mobile app which is great if our emails are down, which can happen many times here in SA, then I’m not left in the dark as I can check on the mobile app for updates. I highly recommend that all WCA agents take the time to register on WIN and use the many benefits it has to offer them.”
    - Liz Pereira, Mercury Freight, South Africa
  • "Our team has had no problem in handling shipments electronically as WIN Airfreight’s booking and AWB system is straightforward and has evidently increased our efficiency, reduced human errors and physical documentations.We are looking forward to booking and transmitting AWB information electronically with more airlines using WIN."
    - Ong Chin Kian, Director, Transcargo Worldwide, Malaysia
  • “By switching to Logi-Sys supported by WIN, not only have we been able to work more efficiently, it has helped us improve shipment times and accuracy, which is resulting in new opportunities for our business.";
    - Gerry Inandan, General Manager, CTSI Logistics, Philippines
  • "I am really satisfied with the advantages we got from joining the Etihad WCA WIN solution, we enjoy the very low Etihad rates and most importantly, we are able to place online real time bookings and get notified every time the shipment makes any step."
    - Giovanni La Vecchia, Sales and Marketing Manager, Cargo Compass, Italy
  • “Selecting the right technology partner is vital, it’s one thing to begin sending electronic data, and it’s a further step to go paperless as per the IATA resolution 672. We selected WIN as our technology provider due to their airline coverage, experience in helping independent forwarders make the switch to e-AWB, ease of use, and proactive support. By using WIN to transmit electronic master and house AWB data to airlines we save money and get full tracking.”
    - Keree Chaichanavong, Managing Director, Trans Air Cargo (TAC), Thailand
  • “We find the Etihad and WCA rates program very beneficial as we are getting special discounted rates from EY when we are using WIN. WIN makes it easy to search, book and complete electronic AWBs and has made Etihad a better choice for us. What we enjoy most about WIN is that we are able to without any difficulty implement e-freight.”
    - Ihab Elazab, Managing Director, DGL International, Cairo, Egypt
  • “We like the tracking feature as the layout is clear and easy to use. We have also been able to reduce some airline costs regarding shipping documentation by using WIN.”
    - Heikki Halmetoja, CEO, CHS Air Logistics Oy, Vantaa, Finland
  • "For a smaller company as ours, WIN is a perfect tool at a very reasonable price which enables us to operate air cargo on a technical level. We also increased our competitiveness issuing FWB/FHL messages on our own, not paying the high fees charged by ground handlers/carriers. Also it is our entry into the e-freight."
    - Frederik Liss, Airfreight Manager, AlphaGlobe Logistics AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • “It is vital to adapt to changing technology to be more efficient and productive. We have now started to enjoy the benefits of e-AWB and it has helped us improve our efficiency."
    - Nadir Kalapapdan, commercial manager, Express Forwarding Services (EFS), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • “We believed in CHANGE. It works! WIN’s tools made our processes faster, more simplified and cost efficient and included higher accuracy and productiveness. We will definitely implement this system with other airlines and hope to streamline the entire operational process in the near time. Thumbs up for the WIN system!"
    - Aswin Pansiri, Executive Director, Excel Transport International, Thailand
  • "e-AWB system enables paperless and accurate work processes that help in reducing operational costs, avoids delays resulting from document losses and speeds-up the delivery of air freight shipments. We are saving 8-10 Euros per shipment with Turkish carriers and this rises up to more than 10 Euros with other carriers. Paperless AWBs are saving us time, increasing our efficiencies and reducing waste. We believe that this is certainly a competitive advantage. This is good for us, our partner agents and our customers."
    - Nesli Başoğlu, Air Cargo Manager for OMSAN Lojistik A.S., Turkey
  • "We started using WIN last year and we like it. It is easy, intuitive and let us save real money. We recommend WIN as a very useful tool for daily work. We are looking forward to the WIN Sea Freight option."
    - Gosia Wisniewska, Air Freight Manager & Joanna Stepczynska, Sea Freight, OMEGAir CARGO Sp. Z o.o., Poland
  • "In 2014, you need more to compete with the multinationals and you need the right tools to be efficient. I’ve tried many portals but I can tell you that after I implemented the WIN platform, I stopped searching…we are implementing this platform in this software system. It saves us a lot of money, saves us time, is a very user friendly platform and connects all of us. The more people will be there, the more powerful the tool will be. The track and trace feature keeps a lot of customers happy. Overall it’s the best platform I’ve tried and I would recommend it to anybody."
    - Lucian Magda, Director of International Solutions for Trinet Transportation Inc., Canada
  • "For a long time we have wanted to automate our documentation process and WIN was the company that made it happen for us. WIN has a dedicated and knowledgeable team, which helped us follow all the necessary steps to ensure a successful shipment. The entire setup took very little effort on our part, most of the things were self-explanatory and WIN supported us step by step to ensure the product shipped on time."
    - Mitch Kamdar, Director of Worldwide Logistic Partners Inc. Chicago, IL, USA
  • "WIN enhances our airfreight documentation by automating our processes. Signing up was easy and WIN’s support team guided us to success messaging. We are eager to move towards e-awb with more airlines through WIN."
    - Mukesh Sharma, Managing Director Green Freight Pvt., Ltd, New Delhi, India
  • "For the last 4 months, WIN has helped us to streamline our operations and have given us significant savings on our airfreight shipments."
    - Sunil Kumar, Director for Everfast Freight Forwarders, New Delhi
  • "We welcome the WIN and Jet Airways connection as we are already using WIN for several other airlines, adding 9W makes our life much easier as WIN forms single point of airline connectivity for us to transmit e-AWBs, e-Manifest and get AWB Track & Trace."
    - Gopi Nair, Airfreight Manager for Everfast Freight Forwarders, New Delhi
  • "I am delighted to see an industry-solution like WIN providing a simple and cost effective pathway to participate in e-AWBs…the benefits of joining the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement and adopting the e-AWB are real and tangible."
    - Desmond (Des) Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo at International Air Transport Association (IATA)

WIN Quotes

  • "WIN Quotes helped us achieve new business, is easy to use and is different from email because it is more structured which helps because every country has different email standards and ways to request transports. It is possible that in a few years, WIN Quotes may replace email."
    - Christian Pahr, Muller + Partner GmbH International Logistics, Germany
  • "WIN helps us reach new markets and gain new business. It's easy to send RFQ and organize quotations."
    - S.Samsudeen, Overseas Coordinator of Gaerish Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, India

WIN Software Partners

  • “Stream Software aims to integrate with leading platforms to provide our customers with options to streamline their daily operations. The integration with the Worldwide Information Network (WIN) upholds the quality standards we have set for our integration partners. During the implementation WIN has proven to be a reliable partner we can recommend to our customers.”
    - Koen Meyskens, Senior Project Manager, Stream Software, Belgium
  • “WIN enables us to maintain and support a single message gateway to 90 airlines, instead of 90 different gateways. Their Web Service Platform is an instant message delivery method and a lot less resource-intensive. We are a technology-driven company that continuously develops and implements new features into all our systems.”
    - Marius van Jaarsveld, Director, Identification Verification Systems, South Africa
  • “The benefits of Logi-Sys coupled with e-freight in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency and compliance with new advance data manifest requirements are significant. Additionally with Logi-Sys our customers do not have to rely on any third party organisations to convert Air Waybill information into electronic format, they are saving time, money, and they are in control of their data.”
    - Amit Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD), Softlink Global, India
  • "As these tracking details are automatically loaded into the system, and push as the mobile notification to the application's users, users have the capability to plan and provide precise information about their shipments. Users can also concentrate on moving cargo and working with customers, not on surfing carrier websites for statuses.”
    - Mandy Mak, Director, Paradigm Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
  • "The single porthole offered by WIN for filing e-AWB has allowed QuestaWeb a simple low cost solution to a complex problem. Now, rather than linking to each airline individually, users of QuestaWeb's Export Freight Forwarding and Exporter applications are able to link to a spectrum of air carriers. Efficiency and transparency have been gained through the ability to instantly communicate with the airlines and process a myriad of responses as QuestaWeb publishable statuses. Positive environmental impact via eliminated paper and ink use is a very welcome added bonus allowing companies like D.T. Gruelle to blaze the trail with a small carbon footprint."
    - Christopher Springer, Director, Questaweb, USA

WIN Airline Partners

  • “As a high-tech carrier, we strongly encourage our agents to work with us electronically and are pleased to add WIN as a new channel for e-booking,”
    - James Gilliard, Acting Vice President – Cargo (Designate), Jet Airways, India
  • "British Airways likes the fact that they receive accurate and timely FWBs for Excel’s shipments via WIN as early as possible. Excel is our key local agent and I wish to extend my thank you to Excel, WIN and BFS in making e–AWB go live so fast and furiously, increasing Thailand’s potential for e- AWB. We are ecstatic to find that we did the trials on the entire process and everything went by smoothly and turned to go live with it in only 2 weeks. I am more than happy to say that we, all in the cargo community, have gained great benefits from the e-weight slip and my goal this year is to eliminate the paper AWB.”
    - Ornuma Matayakun, Customer Service Manager, British Airways Cargo, Thailand
  • "It is nice to see solution providers collaborating to make the e-CSD and the e-AWB broadly accessible to agents of all sizes."
    - Fanie Schoeman, IT Manager, South African Airlines, South Africa
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