Q: What if I have an IT or cargo management system already in place?

A: The ideal situation is if you already have an IT or cargo management system in place. All the benefits of WIN can be accessed right from within your existing in-house or third-party system via a simple API integration.

Q: What are the hardware and software requirements for using WIN?

A: All you need to access WIN on the web is an internet connection and a modern web browser. You can also connect your in-house or third-party system to WIN via a simple API integration.

Q: How can WIN benefit me if I am already using Air and Ocean carrier web-sites to submit transactions electronically?

A: WIN is multi-carrier which means your staff can have a single process to work with 85+ Airlines and similarly a single process to work with 39+ Sea freight Container Lines. Plus, WIN allows agents to connect with other agents. Real-time tracking data from carriers is loaded into WIN automatically and can not only be seen by your staff but also by partner agents (provided a partner WIN agent is listed in the transaction). Furthermore, you can transmit your carrier and agent transactions to WIN right from your existing system and receive electronic tracking updates, avoiding double entry and preventing your staff from wasting time on the phone or searching online for status updates.

Q: What added value can WIN give me if I am already connected to air, ocean, and some of my partner agents?

A: Why waste valuable IT time on connection projects with individual agent when WIN provides a single connection to communicate with any other agent on WIN regardless of what software you and your partner are using. WIN is also partnered with the leading software companies so chances are good that your partner may already have access to WIN via their operating software.

Q: Do I need to be an IATA Agent to use WIN Airfreight?

A: Not necessarily. It may be possible for non-IATA agent to benefit from WIN Airfreight but it depends on the airlines you are working with, how you obtain your AWB#s, and whether there is a unique number (other than IATA Agent Code) that a carrier will recognize (as mutually agreed) to go in the Carrier's Agent box on the AWB. To check for eligibility please scan and send a few recent paper AWBs with the airlines you are most interested in to and we will evaluate feasibility to use WIN.

Q: Does WIN support co-loading?

A: Yes, co-loaders can transmit FWB/FHL to all the Master Agent’s registered airlines themselves.

Q: Do master agents have to provide their username and passwords to a co-loader?

A: No, upon a co-loader’s registration with WIN, the co-loader shall receive their own password reset email to create their own user account and password and will not have the ability to access the master agent’s account.

Q: How can a co-loader get started?

A: Contact

Q: How secure is WIN?

A: WIN servers are configured for high availability and located in hosting facilities that implement robust technology and best practices for physical, operational, environmental, and network security along with ISO 27001,SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II),PCI DSS, and Safe Harbor ( compliance certifications.

Q: How will WIN handle my sensitive transaction data?

A: WIN will only display or transmit transaction data among the "Parties and Participants" identified within a specific transaction as explicitly directed by the transacting agents using the data exchange, notification, and visibility/tracking features of WIN. Parties and Participants may include origin and destination forwarders, brokers, carriers, and other third parties involved in the provision of services and/or data transfer (such as INTTRA, Champ/Traxon). Parties and Participants may also include other entities identified within the transaction data such as shipper, consignee, notify party, etc. WIN may also transmit transaction data to Software or IT service providers acting on behalf of Parties and Participants to the transactions when authorized to do so by the respective Parties and Participants. Features of WIN that direct and control the display or transmission of specific transaction data or portions thereof to specific Parties and Participants are generally under the control of the agent that initiates the transaction in WIN.

  • WIN will only use transaction data to provide customer service, technical support, and generally in furtherance of the operation of the WIN Platform. WIN will not disclose transaction data to any other third party without permission.
  • Except as noted above, WIN will only use and/or disclose transaction data in aggregated, non-specifically identifiable forms for marketing and promotional purposes and/or for other purposes intended to derive benefits for users of WIN. Practical examples:
    1. WIN may disclose that WIN members in total transacted 2,000 shipments across the network last week.
    2. WIN may disclose that WIN e-Airfreight users in total transmitted 12,000 electronic AWBs to airlines representing over 25 tons of air cargo last month.
    3. WIN will NOT disclose that Member A transacted N shipments via WIN without permission from Member A.
    4. WIN will NOT disclose that Member A or Member B handled shipments involving Shipper X or Consignee Y via WIN without permission from Member A or Member B respectively.

Q: How do I reply to an RFQ?

A: Please login to the WIN platform using your account to see details of the shipment before responding with a quotation or decline with reasons and feedback. The quote workflow allows communication with agents to be transparent using our discussion feature and encourages feedback on all declines.

Q: How can I get more replies to my RFQs?

A: Please ensure that the shipment details you provide are accurate and sufficient (for example, if pick-up or delivery services are requested, be sure to include the address details). Allowing enough time for agents to respond to RFQs also increases the response rate. Use the search features to find the agent closest to the origin or destination. Please also keep in mind that many agents do not respond to RFQs sent to more than 5 agents.

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