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WIN is an online platform for independent freight forwarders to connect with partner agents, airlines, container lines, and other logistics service providers for secure, digital, shipment-level collaboration in the cloud.


One of the biggest challenges faced by independent forwarders is the lack of IT connectivity with agents partners and carriers. As a result, forwarders end up emailing each other while entering the same data over and over again into their own systems and countless carrier websites.

Agents you regularly deal with have different systems in their own country, it is impossible to connect with all of them electronically to exchange relevant information automatically. This makes it more difficult for independents to work as efficiently as the multinational forwarders they compete with, and also harder to provide end to end visibility due to the lack of automatic data flow between the different systems used by the origin and destination partners.

WIN bridges this gap by standardizing and consolidating agent to agent connectivity in a single platform. Connect to WIN and you are instantly connected to any other WIN-connected agent so you can gain speed, efficiency and visibility while streamlining work processes and increase visibility to unlock the true power of global networking.

WIN also provides connectivity to the leading air and sea carriers. If your operational software doesn't have this in place yet, WIN also standardizes and consolidates carrier connections and we link tracking and status updates from carriers directly to the relevant agent to agent shipment information exchange.


Using WIN will help your company save time, money and deliver better customer service through electronic information sharing and end-to-end shipment visibility.

How It Works

Instead of spending valuable IT time on connection projects with individual agents, WIN provides a single connection to communicate with any other agent or carrier on WIN regardless of what software you and your partner are using.

Access WIN through any of the following ways:

  1. On the web: All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser.
  2. From your existing software through simple web-services API integration: This onetime web-services integration between your Freight Management System and WIN lets you access all the power of WIN right from within your existing operational system.
  3. White Labels

In addition to allowing you connectivity to other agents regardless of their freight management system, WIN provides multi-carrier connectivity, which means your staff can have just one single process to work with 85+ airlines and 39 container liners instantaneously.

With WIN, you can transmit carrier and agent transactions right from your existing system and automatically receive electronic tracking updates as avoid double entries and prevent your staff from wasting time on the phone or searching online for status updates.

Real-time tracking data from carriers loaded into WIN and your system can be seen by not only your staff, but also by partner agents (provided that the partner WIN agent is listed in the transaction).

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